Satan Superstar Lives!


It’s been a long time coming, butter new book, the limited (666 copies, of course) edition Satan Superstar is finally in print. Only just, it has to be said – a last-minute printer hitch meant that we only received one hundred copies, arriving just 90 minutes before our launch party at Orbital Comics on Friday 13th April. We like to live dangerously…

The Satan Superstar launch was tremendous fun, with several contributors – Sammm Agnew, Jason Atomic, Billy Chainsaw, Simret Cheema-Innis, C.J. Lines, Ilya Falchevsky, Daz Lawrence, David McGillivray, and Keri O’Shea – popping along, as well as representatives from The Satanic Temple and The Church of Rational Satanism, as well as old friends and new. If you were there and we didn’t get a chance to speak – apologies. It was pretty hectic. So hectic, in fact, that we didn’t even have a chance to take any photos, so thanks to Satanic Mojo for being more on the ball – all the below images are ‘liberated’ from them. And as well as the fantastic organisational skills of Jason Atomic, we must give huge thanks to Orbital for being so accommodating and our sponsors Hopdaemon, who supplied the Vincent Price Ale that everyone was enjoying.

Your next opportunity to meet us in the flesh is just one week away, at the Dark Arts Fair, Club Kolis, Archway Road in London, which tales place April 22nd between 12 and 6pm.

Satan Superstar is, of course, available to buy mail order right now. Feel free to send us photos of you looking suitably evil, sexy or excited with your copy.

Satan Superstar editor David Flint, Billy Chainsaw and Jason Atomic
Jason Atomic and Sammm Agnew

Hail Satan! The Satan Superstar Launch And The Dark Arts Fayre


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Christopher Lee Talks About The Occult


In 1975, Christopher Lee appeared in the second of his Dennis Wheatley films for Hammer, To The Devil – A Daughter. Like Wheatley – who he was personal friends with – Lee had an apparent unwavering belief in the genuine power of evil and the dangers of black magic, which is rather odd given that both made a good living from exploiting the subject in print or on film. Here, in a video interview at the time the film was in production, he discusses the dangers of occultism, and how he handled having to carry out ‘blasphemous’ rituals in a real church. His excuse seems to boil down to “it’s acting, so it’s OK”, though if these ceremonies were really as dangerous as he claims, you suspect that carrying them out under any circumstances would be a bit dodgy.

Still, it’s a fascinating interview.

You can read more about Wheatley and his work in our forthcoming book Satan Superstar, available to pre-order now.

Satan Superstar – The New Book From The Reprobate


Release date: Friday April 13th 2018. To order and read full details, click here.

an audacious study of the occult, witchcraft, Satanism and esoteric religion in music, film, TV, literature, photography, art, and belief. SATAN SUPERSTAR delves deep into the world of occult obsession and diabolical entertainment – from Satanic Panic to Satanic Celebration. With incisive writing and commentary from leading experts, practitioners and critics, SATAN SUPERSTAR is entertaining, informative and provocative.

With new writing, art and comment from Lydia Lunch, Boyd Rice, Nikolas Schreck, Lucien Greaves, Billy Chainsaw, Jason Atomic, David McGillivray, Nigel Wingrove, A.D. Hitchin, Carl Abrahamsson, Daz Lawrence, Logospilgrim, C.J. Lines, Bruce Barnard, Keri O’Shea, Tom Six, Groovie Mann, Sarah Appleton, Darius Drewe, Gipsie Castiglione, K.K. Eye, Ben Spurling, Sammm Agnew, Ilya Falchevsky, The Church of Satan, the Church of Rational Satanism and The Partridge Family Temple.

240 pages + cover. A5 format. Limited to 666 copies. £20.00 (UK).