The Ludicrous Christian Hysteria Of The Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults

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Christopher Lee Talks About The Occult


In 1975, Christopher Lee appeared in the second of his Dennis Wheatley films for Hammer, To The Devil – A Daughter. Like Wheatley – who he was personal friends with – Lee had an apparent unwavering belief in the genuine power of evil and the dangers of black magic, which is rather odd given that both made a good living from exploiting the subject in print or on film. Here, in a video interview at the time the film was in production, he discusses the dangers of occultism, and how he handled having to carry out ‘blasphemous’ rituals in a real church. His excuse seems to boil down to “it’s acting, so it’s OK”, though if these ceremonies were really as dangerous as he claims, you suspect that carrying them out under any circumstances would be a bit dodgy.

Still, it’s a fascinating interview.

You can read more about Wheatley and his work in our forthcoming book Satan Superstar, available to pre-order now.

Satan Superstar – The Next Book From The Reprobate


Coming 2018…

SATAN SUPERSTAR is a handbook of the infernal and the immaculate. From the producers of The Reprobate, this is a book covering the curious world of Satanic pop culture and lifestyle – from occult documentaries to devilish country music, from Iranian Black Metal to forbidden literature, and from faith healers to Satanic atheists. Throughout the book, we delve into the darker side of the occult and probe the lighter aspects of Satanic entertainment, with articles, interviews, reviews and photo spreads.

Contributors include editor David Flint and co-editor Billy Chainsaw; Satanic Mojo‘s Jason Atomic; Satan’s Slave writer David McGillivray; esoteric music expert Daz Lawrence; film critic Keri O’Shea; Redemption Films head Nigel Wingrove; Flesh Trade author Bruce Barnard; and others. With additional contributions from Boyd Rice, Lydia Lunch, A.D. Hitchin, Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), Franke Groovie Mann (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) and others.

220 pages + cover. A5 format. Limited to 666 copies.

You can pre-order from Monday 16th October. All direct advance sales will include a postcard print and are Β£18.00 for UK customers – Β£2.00 less than the cover price, and only for advance orders. Overseas customers will be charged postage at cost.

The first 100 copies will also come with an extra mystery gift!

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Anyone who pre-orders will be kept informed of the release schedule. At this stage, we are expecting the book to be out at the end of March 2018.

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