Buy The Reprobate: First Transmission


At long last, our first print edition is here. Officially released to shops on January 9th 2017, it is available directly from us now.

The Reprobate is a 164, A5 format book, in full colour on slick, high-quality paper. Contained within are a plethora of delights – interviews, retrospectives, career studies and photo spreads on a dazzling variety of subjects – Tom Six, Lord Buckley, Tiny Tim, Fetish Art, White Dolemite, Black Metal Couture, Sex and Death, The Extra Terrestrial Highway, Courtesans, Jeffery-West, Satanic Panic, Christeene, Adrian Street, Whitehouse and much more. With writers and photographers including David Flint, Billy Chainsaw, Nigel Wingrove, Daz Lawrence, Lucy & Gavin Morrow, Bruce Barnard, Keri O’Shea, Gipsie Castiglione and CJ Lines.

A limited edition publication, The Reprobate will be available in specialist bookshops, art galleries, record stores and other elite retailers- if your local stockist doesn’t carry it, demand they correct this foolish oversight immediately! We are distributed by Central Books.

Or you can buy it directly from us. We encourage the latter! Available post-free for UK customers.

£10.00 UK

£15.00 Europe

£18.00 International

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The Reprobate Lives! Read Issue 0, Pre-Order Issue 1




It’s been a long time coming, but The Reprobate lives!

Issue 0 is now online: you can read it here:


And our crowd-funding / pre-order (delete depending on taste) for the print magazine is now live! Lots of options, for both the staggeringly rich and the desperately poor, with plentiful perks (and merch fiends, watch out for more stuff to buy coming up…). Check it out here.

If you like The Reprobate, please help us achieve our goals. If you can’t pre-order, then at least spread the word, loudly and regularly, via social media, sandwich boards on the street, angry pub rants and other methods.

News: Reprobate Issue 0 Cover Revealed

It’s taken a while, but issue 0 – the digital only (for now…) test edition of The Reprobate is nearing completion. It will be available to download at the end of this month, when you’ll also be able to find out about how to pre-order the first print issue.

But while you are waiting, here’s the front cover to keep you salivating…