Hammer’s Vampirella -The Pioneering Comic Book Movie That Never Was


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Gallery: Frankenstein Cinema


To celebrate the 200th birthday of the Modern Prometheus, we bring you a collection of posters for movies based – for the most part rather loosely – on Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

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Christopher Lee Talks About The Occult


In 1975, Christopher Lee appeared in the second of his Dennis Wheatley films for Hammer, To The Devil – A Daughter. Like Wheatley – who he was personal friends with – Lee had an apparent unwavering belief in the genuine power of evil and the dangers of black magic, which is rather odd given that both made a good living from exploiting the subject in print or on film. Here, in a video interview at the time the film was in production, he discusses the dangers of occultism, and how he handled having to carry out ‘blasphemous’ rituals in a real church. His excuse seems to boil down to “it’s acting, so it’s OK”, though if these ceremonies were really as dangerous as he claims, you suspect that carrying them out under any circumstances would be a bit dodgy.

Still, it’s a fascinating interview.

You can read more about Wheatley and his work in our forthcoming book Satan Superstar, available to pre-order now.

Gallery: Dracula Mania

On May 26th, 1897, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published for the first time. Little did he know that his creation would become a cultural phenomenon, spawning spin-offs, spoofs, multiple movies and novels, and a whole host of novelties. Here, on Dracula’s birthday, is a gallery featuring just a small part of the Count’s legacy – the good, the bad and the bizarre…

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