Review: A Whole Bag Of Crazy – Sordid Tales Of Hookers, Weed And Grindhouse Movies By Pete Chiarella


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Review: Heather, The Totality – Matthew Weiner


Mad Men writer Matthew Weiner’s new novel is a taut, stripped back study of dysfunction that could do with being a touch looser. Continue reading “Review: Heather, The Totality – Matthew Weiner”

Satan Superstar – The New Book From The Reprobate


Release date: Friday April 13th 2018. To order and read full details, click here.

an audacious study of the occult, witchcraft, Satanism and esoteric religion in music, film, TV, literature, photography, art, and belief. SATAN SUPERSTAR delves deep into the world of occult obsession and diabolical entertainment – from Satanic Panic to Satanic Celebration. With incisive writing and commentary from leading experts, practitioners and critics, SATAN SUPERSTAR is entertaining, informative and provocative.

With new writing, art and comment from Lydia Lunch, Boyd Rice, Nikolas Schreck, Lucien Greaves, Billy Chainsaw, Jason Atomic, David McGillivray, Nigel Wingrove, A.D. Hitchin, Carl Abrahamsson, Daz Lawrence, Logospilgrim, C.J. Lines, Bruce Barnard, Keri O’Shea, Tom Six, Groovie Mann, Sarah Appleton, Darius Drewe, Gipsie Castiglione, K.K. Eye, Ben Spurling, Sammm Agnew, Ilya Falchevsky, The Church of Satan, the Church of Rational Satanism and The Partridge Family Temple.

240 pages + cover. A5 format. Limited to 666 copies. £20.00 (UK).


Buy The Reprobate: First Transmission


At long last, our first print edition is here, and available directly from us.

The Reprobate is a 164, A5 format book, in full colour on slick, high-quality paper. Contained within are a plethora of delights – interviews, retrospectives, career studies and photo spreads on a dazzling variety of subjects – Tom Six, Lord Buckley, Tiny Tim, Fetish Art, White Dolemite, Black Metal Couture, Sex and Death, The Extra Terrestrial Highway, Courtesans, Jeffery-West, Satanic Panic, Christeene, Adrian Street, Whitehouse and much more.

Available post-free for UK customers.

£10.00 UK

£14.00 Europe

£15.00 International

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