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9 Variations on a Dance Theme
A is for Atom
Aerobics and zombies: the weird world of Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout
Agent Provocateur’s erotic Euro horror film
The Angriest Dog in the World
The apocalyptic Christian comic strips of Jack T. Chick
The Bad Trip World Of Afri-Cola And Charles Wilp
The Batman novels from 1966
The Beginners guide to Belgian beers
Bela Lugosi Interviews
Big D’s Sporting Nuts

Bjarne Melgaard Interview
Blonde on Blonde’s Whole Lotta Love
Bombshell – the ‘banned’ 1981 board game

Brian May’s Batshit Crazy Resurrection Video
Britain’s Sexiest TV Commercial – The Limara Cartoon
Bruce Lee and the JKD Band’s Dragon Power
Bush-Whacked: Dita Von Teese, Shakespear’s Sister and Agent Provocateur Lose Control

Calvin Klein’s Gonzo Porn inspired fashion ads
Cease to Exist: Charles Manson’s Pop Culture influence

‘Check Your Privilege’ is the worst thing in the universe
Christeene’s Butt Muscle – an anal anthem of liberation
Christopher Lee reads The Pit and the Pendulum

Christopher Lee talks about the occult
Cosey Fanni Tutti interview
Cosmic Gal’s Space Fever

The Crunch is Now!
The connection between Kate Bush and sexy sword and sorcery novels
The Daily Star’s obsession with Giant Mutant Rats
David Hess and Gunnar Hansen in Krug Conquers England
David Lynch’s Louboutin shoe fetish

The Dawn of the Dead board game
Dayglo 1967 Pop Art Movie Anna With Anna Karina, Serge Gainsbourg And Marianne Faithfull
In Defence Of… Showgirls

Devil Worship – The Rise of Satanism
The Disco Discharge story
Do It The Safety Way with Max Bygraves

Doctor Who goes X-rated
Don’t Let Him Die – A 1970s Public Information Film
Download the Oz magazine archives
Dracula – New English Library’s psychedelic fantasy comic book

Educating Julie – A 1960s nudist film made in 1984
The failed Wonder Woman TV pilots
Five reasons why list articles are The Worst
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women: a forgotten 1970s comic book rock opera
Frankly Fiona – Fiona Richmond and Anthony Newley’s erotic LP

Franz Reichelt’s Eiffel Tower Death Jump
Freakout, USA
From Crime to Christ: Strangeways Prison’s religious conversion video
The Games Children Play: a delusional Christian Satanic Panic documentary

Gear Guide 1967
Give Daddy the Knife Cindy – the strange tale of Naz Nomad and the Nightmares

Godzilla novelties
Great Balls O’Comfort – Caroline Munro Advertises Noxzema Shaving Cream
Gums – Monster Fun’s toothless shark

The Halcyon days of Hawkwind
Halloween is not a time for good taste, so let’s stop being offended by everything
Halloween radio spots
Halloween Safety films
Happy Birthday, Betty Boop
The Heavy Metal magazine archive

The Hipgnosis photo shoots for Club International
Holy Ghost People

Hotter Than Hell: the X-rated KISS Photo shoots
Hugh Hefner interviews Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski
The Human Fly – the real life superhero stuntman
“I am The Maniac!” – Night of Terror’s bizarre ending

I Wish It Could Be A Wombling Merry Christmas Every Day – the most hellish Christmas mash-up imaginable
I’m Not Your Mate, Sir
The inequitable case of PC vs CP: political correctness vs cinephile perversion
The Intersectional Left and a beating
An Introduction to The Residents
Is that all there is? Spike Jonze’s ‘outrageous’ Kenzo commercial fails to impress
James Last plays Silver Machine, Children of the Revolution and School’s Out

Jelly Tits for Party People
Keeping Up With The Control Freaks – Khloe Kardashian, Slimming Ads And Moral Panics
Ken Follett’s Amok – King of Legend
A Kiss from Satan: ‘Devilish’ Mills and Boon romance novels
A Kitten for Hitler

Kitten Natividad’s Pussy Galore Nite
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Fashion Monster
Letters to the Editor – The curious correspondence pages of Sheer Filth and Divinity
The Lifesize Monster Ghost of comic book mail order legend

Linda Lovelace meets the rock stars
Lord Buckethead – The Whole Story
Lord Buckley meets Groucho Marx
The ludicrous Christian hysteria of The Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults

Luke Haines interview
Lydia Lunch and Richard Kern interviewed in 1995
MacPlaymate, Virtual Valerie and the birth of X-Rated computer games
Marc Jacobs and the curse of Cultural Appropriation
Marvel Comics meets Alice Cooper
Mary Millington on the set of Alien
Meet the Country Sisters
Meri Wilson’s Telephone Man
Mike Kuchar in conversation
The mind Buggles – how Hans Zimmer killed film scores

Mondo Cane’s Footage Of The Vattienti Of Nocera Terinese
Monsieur Le Stud aftershave
The Moon Zero Two calendar
Musikladen’s sexy Gogo Girls
Naked Yoga – the curious 1973 documentary short
Nastassja Kinski, Helmut Newton and a Marlene Dietrich doll
Ondine And The Water Nymphs: When Bath Foam, The Pre-Raphaelites And Easy Listening Collided
Onuka – Ukranian Electro Pop Insanity
O.T.T. – The Outrageous Late Night TV Tiswas Spin Off

The Outrageous TV Commercials For Manikin Cigars
Playlist: DisCovered
Playlist: The First Transmission And Second Coming

Playlist: Hard Covers
Playlist: The Reprobate’s Festive Feast
Playlist: Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hit

Porque Te Vas – The Finest Moment Of 1970s Europop
Preserve American Secularism

The private clubs of 1965 London
Pulling One’s Leg
Los Punk Rockers – the world’s weirdest Sex Pistols cover band

Raquel! The Extraordinary, Ultra-Kitsch Raquel Welch TV Special
Reginald Bosanquet – Dance With Me And Private Spy
The Rise and Rise of Kawaii Metal
Rock Relections of a Superhero – the Amazing Spider-Man concept album

Sabrina, the Smurfs and Eurotrash
SAS – France’s James Bond
Scared of the Real World – the British fear of Kinky Sex
SDRSH! In praise of Guido Crepax
Sensations: listen to the groovy 1970s Euro Porn soundtrack

La Sequence Des Barres Parallèles
Sex Robots and the making of a Moral Panic

Shannon Matthews – The Musical
Smokers Wild, the (cough) ‘hilarious’ Anti-Smoking game
The spectacular sounds of Exotic Adrian Street
A spooky selection of vintage Halloween cartoons

Star Trek goes X-rated
Star Wars Francais – Dorothée And Les Petits Ewoks

State of the Onions Address – 2016 and all that
Stone’s Biker Funeral – The extraordinary highlight of an extraordinary film
Ted Cassidy sings The Lurch

Teresa May is not our new Prime Minister
Tiny Tim On Al Goldstein’s Midnight Blue
Tortura Brings You The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure
Trapped in the Web of Love with Joi Lansing

Valentine Pop 70 – the sounds of the coming decade
Ventriloquist Dummies from Hell
The Victim and Aurora’s notorious Monster Scenes model kits
Victorian post-mortem photography

Vincent Price tells you how to sell your soul to Satan
The weird world of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin disco cover versions
The wedding of Tiny Tim
When Christopher Lee met David Bowie
When did we give up our backbone?
When KISS met J-Pop
When Mills & Boon went horror
White Dolemite’s Sendo Senshi
Who is Basha?
Why Do The Beer Censors Think That Pregnant Women Are Idiots?

Why’d Ya Do It? – Heathcote Williams and Marianne Faithfull’s obscene, brilliant anti-love song
“You’ll enjoy Mr Barlow… and he’ll enjoy you” – looking back at Salem’s Lot
“You’ve got to be with it” – platform shoes in the 1970s